Heinrich’s Record of Voting Against New Mexico Includes Public Lands

On May 9, New Mexico’s congressional delegation sent a letter to the EPA urging it to implement a $4 million long-term water monitoring plan for areas impacted by the Gold King Mine spill. Those areas include the San Juan and Animas Rivers in northwest New Mexico.

This is a classic example of Washington politicians doing too little, too late.

Note that the $4 million is for monitoring, not cleanup. Sen. Martin Heinrich asked all New Mexicans to stand up for safe drinking water in Flint, MI. Flint got what it wanted. Why didn’t he do the same for New Mexico? He could have held up Flint water bill to ensure the EPA cleaned up the drinking water that it contaminated in the San Juan and Animas Rivers.

But this is only the most recent example of Martin Heinrich’s misplaced legislative priorities and loyalties. His record regarding public lands, the environment, and natural resources betrays his “federal bureaucracy knows better than you” attitude.

  • Heinrich voted against irrigation water for farmers in the San Joaquin Valley of California. The drought there not only wiped out farms and agricultural jobs, it threatened America’s food supply.
  • Heinrich voted against mining of critical strategic minerals in national forest lands. These minerals are necessary for our national defense and economic security. China now controls 90 percent of the world’s production of these minerals.
  • Heinrich voted against giving states authority over coal mining. In his view, global CO2 emission goals are more important than local mining jobs. Coal produces more than 70 percent of New Mexico’s energy.
  • Heinrich voted against allowing oil and gas leasing on federal lands. If you care about America’s energy freedom, and don’t want us to be dependent on Mideast oil kingdoms that fund radical Islamic terrorism, this was a bad move.
  • Heinrich voted for “Cap and Trade,” a carbon emission reduction scheme by global elitists that forces industrial nations such as the United States to pay non-industrialized nations cash penalties for air pollution.
  • Heinrich voted to remove federal lands from public use. This may be his most damaging vote against New Mexicans and their right to earn a living, because unlike every issue above, this bill passed and was signed into law by President Obama.

One-issue environmentalists may look at this list and pat themselves on the back for voting for Martin Heinrich. But responsible, hard-working New Mexicans know otherwise. We see the full implications of federal legislation, including negative impacts on jobs and working families.

We see Martin Heinrich’s voting record for what it is: captive to liberal environmental contributions from out of state. We see Martin Heinrich’s career for what it is: favoring Martin Heinrich, not the people of New Mexico.