Mick Rich Calls on Martin Heinrich To Condemn Pelosi’s “Crumbs” Attacks

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, Feb. 21, 2018 – Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in New Mexico, Mick Rich, today called on his opponent, Martin Heinrich, to condemn House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for repeatedly denigrating the GOP tax cuts and resulting worker bonuses as “crumbs.”

Rich’s challenge came as six Democratic leaders refused to endorse Pelosi’s statements. New Mexico’s Congressman Ben Ray Luján joined Democratic Congressmen from New York, Texas, Minnesota, Missouri and Kentucky to contradict or refute Pelosi’s characterization of the tax cut’s benefits to American workers.

“Martin Heinrich must make a choice,” Rich said. “He either must admit he was wrong to vote against the tax cut, or he must continue to cow to his party’s leader, Nancy Pelosi, as he has done consistently throughout his career in Congress.”

Mick Rich for Senate campaign manager, Evan Machan, said Heinrich’s problem arose from casting votes based on his political ambitions instead of the well-being of the people of New Mexico.

“Martin Heinrich is a Democratic Party puppet,” Machan said. “If he had considered New Mexico’s unemployment rate, which is second-worst in the nation, he never would have voted against this tax cut. But he keeps singing the Democratic Party song, positioning himself for his next job in Washington D.C.”

As polls show that GOP tax cut is becoming more popular, Democrats who face re-election this year are concerned they must correct their messaging to align with public sentiment.

“It’s time for Martin Heinrich to man up,” Rich said. “Declare that you will put New Mexicans’ needs above your own political career, or face the wrath of voters this November.”

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