Why I Support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Ever wondered why Tax Day (April 15) is about as far away on the calendar as you can get from Election Day?

It’s no accident. Senators and Congressmen don’t want us to pay our taxes and vote at the same time, because if we remember that every dollar they spend comes from our pockets, we’d vote them out.

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doesn’t move Tax Day to November, but it will help New Mexico’s hardworking taxpayers and their families in several ways:

It lowers taxes for working people. An average American family of four that earns $59,000 a year will save $1,182. This alone should make the bill universally popular. Do you know anyone who begs to pay Uncle Sam more than they owe?

It’s simpler. America’s 75,000-page tax code is the biggest and most complex in the world. So a lot of us need help to figure out what we owe. That adds insult to injury. Wait, I have to pay someone to help me figure out how much to pay the government?

It’s fairer. Lobbyists pay millions of dollars every year to elected officials to win tax deductions for special interest groups. Hard-working taxpayers and small business owners can’t afford lobbyists, so we pay full sticker price. That’s not fair. This bill eliminates many special interest deductions.

It creates jobs. When we cut business taxes, businesses hire more workers. This is especially true for mom-and-pop business owners, who pay their workers before they pay themselves.

In the coming days, you will hear many arguments how this tax bill is not perfect. No bill is. Government is a blunt instrument. But for hard-working New Mexico taxpayers and small business owners, this bill brings needed relief.

Please join me in telling New Mexico’s Congressional Delegation to support the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Then watch how they vote. And on Election Day 2018, hold them accountable.

To that end, my opponent, Martin Heinrich, already has spoken out against the bill.